Over the Past 25 Years I've had the opportunity to see a lot of what "Not to Do" in the Automotive Business.  I watched as Good People who may have had a Financial Problem along the way get put deeper in debt, due to the Outrageous Interest Rates and Long Term Financing they had to take to Buy a Vehicle.  We at Vegas Auto Outlet, wanted to create a Program that Couldn't be any Easier and More Fair to You the Customer.

        We Offer 0% INTEREST and NO CREDIT CHECK.  Good Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit as well as anywhere in between,    It is nearly Impossible for someone who has had financial issues to get back on their feet when they are forced to take on rates ranging from 18% to 36% like many of the other Stores offer.

         Buying a Vehicle is One Thing, having Peace of Mind is Another.  We have You covered there as Well.  We will Provide Free Diagnostic and Labor for as Long as You Own The Vehicle.  If at anytime your vehicle purchased from us has a breakdown or mechanical problem, we will diagnose and provide free labor to get you back on the road.  You are only responsible for parts at a discounted price.  Welcome to "The Best Car Buying Experience on the Planet" 

                                                                                        Thank you for Your Interest
Mark St.Marie


    We Buy Cars...      We Repair Cars...      We Diagnose vehicles     No charge...     No obligation...
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